ViPNet OFFICE is an IP VPN and designed as unique client-to-client or client-to-site VPN software with build-in secure business applications: encrypted Instant Messaging (IM), encrypted file exchange, build-in mail system - a stand-alone solution for a standard e-mail environment to keep your Inbox 100% free-of-spam, build-in personal firewall with IDS, tunnel securing Internet traffic between your offices, online visibility of vpn users and other features. ViPNet OFFICE is an ideal product to create a private network deployed in a public domain nevertheless absolute privacy, security, and manageability to small and medium size networks. .

In today's network infrastructure, businesses are confronted with complex connectivity and security issues. Local and remote/mobile users, as well as multiple offices, need reliable yet secure connections. The ViPNet OFFICE software package has integrated the ViPNet-VPN with several secure communication applications to enhance user productivity. The software-based ViPNet OFFICE software provides a secure, encrypted Virtual Private Network (VPN) without sacrificing any network performance. The principle behind the creation of a VPN is to preserve the integrity of all data exchange and to provide protection for the network against malicious Internet attacks and unauthorized access.

The ViPNet VPN OFFICE package presents the uniqueness of ViPNet VPN technology, which is a true and flexible client-to-client vpn. While all currently available vpn solutions provide only client-to-site or site-to-site connections (remote access to a corporate vpn), our ViPNet VPN technology goes further and offers you not only client-to-site connection, but also worldwide real client-to-client connectivity . In addition, this demo demonstrates all other features of our IP based VPN software with built-in secure business applications: encrypted instant messaging (IM), encrypted business mail, file exchange, online visibility of vpn users and other features.

Benefits of the ViPNet OFFICE

  • More cost efficient and easier maintenance than a typical Wide Area Network (WAN) solution.
  • ViPNet OFFICE IP VPN offers enough flexibility that it can be installed in many different office types and network environments.
  • Security settings have been pre-configured for easy installation and maintenance.
  • Provides security and control against attacks from the Internet and users outside the VPN.
  • Users can easily send secure business mail or transfer large files or any other kind of electronic information over a secure VPN connection.
  • Desktop personal firewall protection including IDS.
  • Secure encrypted Instant Messaging (IM security).

VPN Components

The ViPNet OFFICE Product has several components that are required for operation.
ViPNet Manager Software
ViPNet Coordinator Software
ViPNet Client Software

ViPNet Manager - is a small software utility, which enables you to easily and fast create the configuration of your ViPNet VPN with corresponding key sets for further installations of ViPNet Coordinators and ViPNet Clients.

ViPNet VPN Client
All registered computers in the ViPNet are referred to as VPN Clients software. Each VPN client computer is provided with a user-friendly interface to communicate and exchange data with other VPN members. Each VPN client contains the necessary vpn software to reliably protect hardware and software resources from unauthorized access. Users will also have access to several office applications that they need in their daily operations. Included in the services available to all users are:

  • VPN Service
  • Chat/Conference Capabilities (IM) - Instant messaging (IM) that allows users to chat simultaneously with other users, either as individual chat sessions or organized conferences - in a secure and encrypted environment.
  • Encrypted File Exchange - Encryption-protected files may be safely sent and received with all users registered in the ViPNet-VPN.
  • Personal Firewall including IDS
  • Business Mail - Similar to other email applications, will send and receive encrypted electronic messages with a digital signature.
  • External Application - Users will be able to access external applications such as NetMeeting, VoxPhone, Internet Phone, or Compaq Insight Manager in a secure environment.

ViPNet VPN Coordinator
The Coordinator is the underlying engine for ViPNet and has various functions. One of the most important functions is being IP address server. This function makes each Client broadcast his IP address to the Coordinator and receive back the IP addresses of all other Clients and Coordinators that are online at this moment. The Coordinator is also responsible for data exchange and user functions within the VPN. All communication and data exchange between Client machines are encryption-protected. Whenever possible, the Coordinator application should be installed on a machine to which there is limited access since this machine will become the backbone of the VPN network. The coordinator provides seamless communications within the organization by acting as IP address server and mail server for all the clients. However, the Coordinator application can also be installed on an existing server or a regular workstation for the VPN to function.
Note the following diagram that shows how the Coordinator and Clients may be configured in a typical environment. In this basic configuration, all traffic between any LAN computers with the ViPNet software and any remote/ mobile Internet users with ViPNet software, are completely protected from Internet attacks and unauthorized access. Any computer, resource, or peripheral device without the ViPNet software will not be protected from attacks from the Internet unless it is equipped with another device such as a firewall. By default, the VPN should function in this network configuration without having to change any settings on the Coordinator or Clients.
If you are working on the Coordinator terminal, features are similar to other Workstations with the exception that Business Mail cannot be sent to or from the actual Coordinator machine.

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