First Congress of Network and Infrastructure Security

Jade Solutions exposed in the First Congress of Network and Infrastructure Security from 6 to 7 March in Sao Paulo, State Sao Paulo Brazil, the security solution more used in the East Europe made by INFOTECS Russia.
This event joined specialists of IT in the areas of IDS, IPS, Firewalls, VPN’s and Hardware with the managers and technical people of the main user markets as Government, Banks, Industry and Services.
IDETI was the organizer of the meting that stimulated to those present to change synergetic ideas about the security solutions

ViPNet Safe Disk version 3.0 Released and Supports Windows Vista™.

In the beginning of the year 2007 Infotecs Company, the leading developer of data security software, is announcing a new release of its famous ViPNet Safe Disk with expanded functionality, refined interface and Windows Vista™ support.

ViPNet Safe Disk is an easy-to-use but very powerful security software that protects sensitive data from all kinds of e-dangers such as computer viruses, information theft or computer hijacking. In the working process, ViPNet Safe Disk creates virtual encrypted containers for confidential documents storage. Encryption process is completely transparent to the user and containers are visible as standard disk volumes. Information stored on such virtual drives can be easily accessed by the authorized user, but is completely protected from any jeopardy.

Brand new ViPNet Safe Disk 3.0 now includes the following features:

  • A special Wizard was developed to help start working with the program quick and easy. Just launch ViPNet Safe Disk 3.0 and the program will accomplish all the necessary operations to secure sensitive data.
  • Friendly and very comprehensible interface makes working with the program pleasant and efficient: all the necessary commands are brought on the toolbar and buttons disposition exclude the possibility of unwanted operations.
  • From the program main window, user can easily switch to working with the protected documents and continue editing them.
  • Such important procedure as sensitive data transportation from one PC to another or delivering it to another person when information leakage is impermissible will now require the minimum time and endeavor. The only thing user should do is to fulfill container export and then import from export file. Container's export file includes a backup copy of container keys and a container file itself.
  • There are several ways to restore the lost access to the sensitive data, which are quick and trouble-free. With ViPNet Safe Disk 3.0 hard disk corruption, operating system reinstallation, or computer viruses attack are not threats for confidential information any more.
  • Configuration Recovery feature is now added. This feature can be used in case of need to return to the program's certain configuration. For example, user wants to get back to the moment when unwanted changes to the confidential information have not been made yet.
  • The new ViPNet Safe Disk program icon in the system tray will help to determine whether the access to the confidential data is currently opened or closed.
  • In case of urgent disconnection or confidential information liquidation, all the signs that may reveal user's actions vanish, even Safe Disk's icon disappears from the system tray.
  • Safe Disk 3.0 is now supplied with a Wiping utility, which reliably erases sensitive data. Now it is possible to kill not only the confidential information protected by ViPNet Safe Disk 3.0 but also the unprotected data, even if it was deleted by means of the standard operating system tools. Expanded features of wiping utility allow to remove all the remaining components of erased files, which makes the data recovery completely impossible for the malefactor.
  • Demo period of ViPNet Safe Disk 3.0 is expanded to 30 days so consumers can deliberately explore the program's functionality before making a purchase.
  • Update to ViPNet Safe Disk 3.0 is free of charge and those, who have already switched to the new OS from Microsoft™, can switch to protecting their computers with new ViPNet Safe Disk as well - ViPNet Safe Disk 3.0 supports Windows Vista™.

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