CoSort was the first commercial sort product developed for open systems: CP/M in 1978, DOS in 1980, Unix in 1985, and Windows in 1995. Repeatedly reported to be the the fastest commercial-grade sort product for SMP Unix systems, CoSort was also judged by PC Week to be the "top performing" sort on Windows. Being first and fast are two reasons why CoSort is dubbed "The Open Systems Standard."

The CoSort Test Data (RowGen) product is a standalone solution for synthesizing safe test data and production file formats. RowGen leverages the data creation, transformation, and formatting functionality and metadata in CoSort's SortCL tool so you can build realistic files, tables, and reports of any size and layout. RowGen is ideal for: benchmarking new hardware and software; populating test databases; prototyping applications; safely outsourcing data and files; and, range and stress testing.

A robust, random, and reaslistic test data and file synthesizer that allows you to: build, range, transform, format, and hand-off custom outputs -- all in one clear job script. Use RowGen to: create and test application data; benchmark new hardware and software; share file and report formats; and, populate test databases.


  • Simultaneous targets, formats.
  • Quickly populate/simulate a DB.
  • Precise field types and layouts
  • Random values, custom ranging
  • Sort, aggregate, and remap
  • Custom report display features

Permitas is a robust, all-in-one Unix and Windows software licensing system for ISVs that can remotely protect, morph, and track product usage without inconveniencing end-users.

A licensing application control and tracking system for safeguarding software products. Features key encryption and simple user interfacing, as well as optional web-based license administration.


  • Prevents software piracy
  • Controls expiry, features
  • Records user licensing
  • Web administration option

Logon Security is an independent gatekeeping and tracking product for system and file security on Unix platforms that goes well beyond what standard O/S-level access and monitoring can offer...

Robust security software for restricting and monitoring access to Unix systems. A central administrator can pool users into groups, restrict users' activities and access duration, delete 'sleeping' users, and report from encrypted audit files.


  • User access management
  • Account duration control
  • User-specific program starts
  • Tamper-proof audit trail
  • O/S-independent interface

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